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360training.com can handle all of your course approvals, renewals, certifications, courseware development, and provider registration(s). We currently handle approvals, renewals and course submissions for over 5,000 courses annually and have all of the relationships with the appropriate course approving bodies that will ensure your course(s) will receive approval. 360training.com will function as your continuing education representative and all course identification with the State(s) and with the student(s) would be in 360training’s name; not that of some third-party course vendor. In addition, it should be noted that we do not offer online courses or other forms of industry training…our only business is continuing education compliance! With our turnkey solutions for accreditation we can take your content and gain local, national or international approval for you in a matter of weeks, not months.


  • Develop the required course outlines and summaries for each submission.
  • Prepare and properly assemble course submission packets for each jurisdiction based on each entity’s specific requirements. Due to the volume and weight of these packets, the shipping charges will remain the responsibility of 360training.
  • Prepare a cover letter on behalf of 360training to accompany each submission packet.
  • Track all submissions in each jurisdiction and where it is in the process.
  • Ensure your course approvals are on the regulator’s website where applicable.

NOTE: The continuing education approval process time frame varies from industry to industry and state to state. We will provide time estimates based on our 10+ years of experience.


360training can assist you with developing in-house training materials for your CE and CME and provide the Learning Management System and recordkeeping.


In addition to the submission of your courses for credit in each jurisdiction, we have the capability to manage the continuing education compliance function for each approved course. We will maintain all course records, process all renewals, process provider registrations, course approvals and do all of the certificate reporting to the appropriate jurisdiction.

  • Course and Provider approval records will be maintained for 10 years with all documentation required by each jurisdiction. All records will be in hard copy and electronic copy.
  • All course certificate reporting will be reported to the respective jurisdiction within their reporting timeframe.
  • A client contact person appointed by 360training will be sent a renewal authorization alert 60 days in advance of all provider and course approval expirations. Following our receipt of the appropriate authorization from 360training, we will process all renewals well in advance of expiration dates to ensure no lapse in approvals.