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Respiratory CE

Respiratory Therapist Continuing Education

What is a Respiratory Therapist?

A respiratory therapist is a healthcare professional that specializes in cardiopulmonary function and health. They are the ones responsible for studying and treating diseases linked to cardiopulmonary system as well as the aspects that revolve around it. It includes their focus on the underlying physiology and pathophysiology of the cardio system wherein they also educate, asses, and treat patients under their supervision.

What kind of education do Respiratory Therapists undergo?

As a medical and healthcare profession, respiratory therapists undergo training and education under medical direction. They study the scientific principles of the cardio system, and are also practiced to use biomedical engineering and technology to provide better assistance and treatment to their patients. They are taught on how to prevent, assess, treat, manage and control diseases as well as how to inform their patients properly about their condition.

Skills set needed for this kind of work includes critical thinking, patience, assessment skills, able to follow clinical practice guidelines, as well as develop an initiative to conduct effective and safe protocols when attending patients.

After completing the required education, what’s next?

For individuals who are finished in taking courses and development programs, they should be able to pass the Certified Respiratory Therapist entry level examination. The examination is only given and administered by the National Board of Respiratory Care, wherein through exams, they gauge the competency of the students in terms of their knowledge, skills and competency in their chosen field.

How can we help the students in becoming a Respiratory Therapist?

By using our online courses, we ensure students to deliver the right information they need to learn and ensure that they understand every lesson that covers the most important aspects of respiratory therapy. Our courses also help students develop the skills they need to become effective respiratory therapists, assuring them to learn more than what is adequate.

Our courses also aid students and prepares them for their upcoming examination – where we provide pop quizzes and trivia questions to gauge how much the student have understood the lesson.


Individual Courses

  • Credit Hours: 12.0
  • Price: $61.00
  • No. of Users:

ECG Interpretation

Respiratory therapists working in a unit requiring the monitoring of the electrocardiogram will review cardiac anatomy and physiology, electrophysiology, basic rhythms and dysrhythmias generated by the sinus node, atria, AV junction, and ventricles, basic pacemaker principles and rhythms, and an introduction to the 12 lead ECG.

Credit Hours: 12.0
Price: $61.00
No. of Users:

State Requirements

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